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About the Plum...

Hi there!


You will find me happily creating designs from my beautiful garden studio in the Surrey Hills in the UK.

I grew up in a village in Hampshire which strongly influenced my love of nature.  My Welsh Grandmother was a fashion designer for Dickens and Jones and Harrods and has greatly influenced my work. My mother has always been very stylish and gave me a love of bold colour and experimentation.


A self-taught mixed media artist with a University Foundation in Textiles.  I am a qualified Creative Arts Facilitator and have previously run creative workshops in Hampshire. 


My love for line, colour and pattern has naturally drawn me to surface pattern design, a medium which delights me every day.  I use a sketchbook to curate my ideas and collections and find inspiration in both the beautiful and ordinary things around me.  Behind the scenes, just as much thought and planning goes into a design as the creating and producing, I love the whole process.


My artwork and designs naturally lend themselves to home decor, prints and textiles. 

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